A small introduction about my self

Jonathan Torres-Herrera

Entrepreneur - Writer - Public Speaker - Content Creator - Consultant


As you explore this page, you'll begin to learn a little more about me. This is not a Hollywood movie or something like it, so I can't promise your entertainment. However I can guarantee that I'll tell you enough for you to walk away with something meaningful, that might be what you needed to hear.


What is all this for?
I can answer this in a hundred different ways; however, the most important reason is… You.

Yes, you. I’ll explain.

You see, a few years back I found my passion. It didn’t happen out of an epiphany or anything like that, and it was more of a brewing feeling that I had been suppressing because I didn’t know how to flourish it and bring it out of me.
The passion I’m referring to is my addictive-ambition for experiencing growth and pushing innovation and then passing on my teachings down to people that doubt themselves as much as I did myself. Throughout my adulthood and up until now, I consistently seek different ways to gain experience and feed my brain with knowledge, especially on topics that most people find difficult to understand.
I then find creative ways to present information to minds of all backgrounds, however hoping that it reaches young minds that will lead our future one day. I profoundly believe that there is something of value to take away from almost anyone we can strike up a conversation with, as long as we can honor two essential things:

1) An open mind, and, 2) Pay sincere attention.

So this is for You… whoever YOU end up being.

….. and in case you were wondering, that’s San Diego, CA in the background above.

“There is no reason for failure. Find a way to get around your brick wall instead of bumping your head against it over and over until self-defeat.”

– Jonathan Torres-Herrera​


You just scrolled up to see if it was San Diego… didn’t you?

Like everyone else, my story has a beginning too, so I’ll start there. The beginning of all stories, in my opinion, is one of the most essential parts to tell when storytelling. It’s where we find out why people tick the way they do, why they fail or succeed. More importantly, it’s where other people can learn the most and take away massive amounts of experience, without having to make the same mistakes. After all, we only have a limited amount of time to live and to make the most of the life we are given, so who would want to waste valuable time repeating mistakes if we can altogether avoid them.

“Think of any structure. Got it?

Now realize the fact that it all started with someone thinking about it in their mind. Its design, color, height, etc.

Now think of unique structure, those came from someone’s mind too. Some came from people who were told by other people that it couldn’t be done, yet there they are.”

– Jonathan Torres-Herrera


Having three kids myself, I sometimes wish that I can tell them how smart and gifted I was in school. While I did graduate high school, I have to admit that I utterly hated it, the whole thing. At the same time, I have some regrets for not having tried harder. I did my grade school years at several public schools in San Diego, starting with Balboa Elementary, MacDowell for middle school, Memorial Academy, and San Diego High School. Some of these school have since changed names or transformed into something other than what they were.

At the front end of my school years at Balboa Elementary, the first place I can remember being bullied for having a ‘weird’ lisp, which to this day I still can’t entirely control. Here I learned my ABCs, 123s, and what it was to fight off kids that came to school with a lot of home-problems. Of course, this is something you get to realize after you grow up and hear of so many schoolmates from back then that have died over the years because of drugs, street violence, and even suicide. I can’t remember too much from my elementary days, but sure do remember my single year of attendance at MacDowell, which I discovered in 2018 that the name had been changed to ‘Innovation Middle School.’ It was a good year, like many, I remember 6th-grade camp, opening up a frog, dissecting a squid, and “officially” taking sex-ed. However, then came my “sentence”, which I served at Memorial Academy. ​